iPhone 14 Pro always-on display just leaked before Apple event

Just days prior to that Apple Event, MacRumors(opens in new tab) revealed details and pictures of the way the rumored all-day-night display could work for iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

A plethora of rumors have suggested an all-time display that Apple seems to have reserved for its top iPhone 14 Pro series models. At first at Apple, there was no information about the display that is always on, and this leak provides a glimpse of how it might be able to work with different details.

MacRumors mentions the same source which recently reported an iPhone Pro’s screen notch will likely disappear for good and be replaced by a long and pill-shaped cutout. The report states it is possible that the iOS 16 lock screen will function together with the continuously-on display that is on the phone.

In WWDC 2022 in Washington, Apple unveiled a major redesign of the lock screen, launching iOS 16. With the latest iOS features, there will be a variety of different widgets as well as color, font, and location settings are feasible. This will be a part of the new display options that are always on and are believed to include widgets that will be visible “but fade out and in at predetermined intervals that are not noticeable by the user to avoid OLED burning” on Pro models.

Similar to Android’s constantly-on display the leak also mentions that notifications might be a feature in the newly released iPhone 14 Pro screen. The leak suggests that notifications will show towards the lower part of the display, one at a time, and will remain accessible for 10 seconds. . When the screen wakes and the notifications begin to animate and display across the display in stacking in a stacked.

This is something that we saw in announcements made in the iOS 16 announcement, where Apple stated that notifications will be displayed from the bottom, instead of the middle in the background. According to the report, users will also be able to activate a notification counter at the lower right of the screen, which could display unread notifications.

As per the leaked information, the method by which the ever-on display works will be that the screen’s primary wallpaper will become darker while the foreground will be colored by the time, and various “highlighted elements along the edges based on the settings of the user.” Username”. The majority of items that appear on the lock screen will be visible on the constantly-on screen.

The always-on screen and the fully illuminated lock screen “will need to be configured an identical manner” and must be equipped with the same color options, wallpaper, and fonts as well as widgets. That means they’ll need to share the same wallpaper. Additionally, the widgets selected for the main screen for locking are those which will likely to appear when the screen is locked. The leak continues to reveal that the major visual elements are customizable.

The MacRumors source suggests that Apple might make use of iOS 16 updates to resolve issues with the constantly-on display after it has started to boot. The company is “fighting with software engineers from various teams which include those working on the Apple Watch, to finish the experience of always-on displays prior to the launch.”

Eliminating the cutout and replacing it with one integrated cutout, makes users of the iPhone 14 Pro more room for status icons. Apple has reportedly changed the status bar in a slight way. The indicator for the cellular signal is expected to be relocated toward the left leaving more space to show the icon for battery, which will also show the percentage of battery with iOS 16.

Apple is expected to increase the price by $100 for The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max this year, and the models are anticipated to feature significant improvements compared to the basic iPhone 14 model. We’ll get more information on Pro Max and the iPhone 14 series in just two days, when Apple will launch the phones along with other products like the Apple Watch Series 8 along with the Apple AirPods Pro 2 that will also be launched.

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