How to Transfer Data from an Old Android Phone to a New Android Phone


It is important to ensure that everything is safely transferred by upgrading to an Android phone. Luckily, Google makes transferring your messages, call logs contacts music, photos, and other data to the new phone simple.

How do you backup data from an old Android Phone

  • Open Settings, Google and Backup You’ll be required to sign up for Google One if you’ve never backup your phone before.
  • The Backup page will show the amount of storage space you have and also what was previously stored on backup
  • It is also possible to do an instant backup. If you are planning to transfer your information to the new phone, simply choose Back up now.
  • Enter your PIN when you have a screen lock on. (You are not able to make use of either your face or fingerprint to enter your PIN for this purpose.)
  • In that instant the data is saved. It could take a while until the point at which your Backup window will appear gone.

How to Get Photos and Videos on Your New Android Phone

Google Images is an excellent service to save videos and photos. It is a reliable backup service that automatically saves information, provides the flexibility to share, and has machine learning on the device to identify faces.

If you’re not already then here’s how you can start using Photos.

  • On the application drawer, or on your home screen, open Google Photos.
  • The hamburger menu is located on the left-hand side of the page (three vertical lines).
  • Select Settings.
  • Choose Backup & Sync.
  • Check that the Backup and sync toggle is switched on.
  • Make sure that Backup mode has been set to High Quality.

Transfer Data From a Backup

If you don’t have the old phone, but you were smart enough to keep it, you could copy all of your data and applications from the backup.

  • If you arrive at the screen that is labeled Tap Follow the same procedure as before. Do you not have the ability to use your older devices? If you want to use an older device, simply go to the lower left corner.
  • Be warned that you may not be able to retrieve all the data you need without the device you’re using. OK, tap and shake.
  • Utilize Your Google account to sign into your Google account. In the event that you do not have access to your old phone, and your account is 2FA enabled, you might have alternative methods to verify your account, for instance, any backup code that you were required to save when you registered for 2FA.
  • Sign up to the Google Terms of Service of Google.
  • Select the backup you wish to retrieve your information from. It’s likely that you’ll be required to enter your PIN on the device you’re using.
  • Then, you can decide what you would like to restore. Videos, photos, Gmail, Google Calendar as well as Google Drive will be linked instantly. You can then decide whether you want to sync your app’s contact information, SMS messages, contacts and other data from your device. Click Restore after which you’re done.
  • Many Google services, including backup and monitoring of locations, can be turned on or off.
  • Accept the suggestion.
  • You must accept the Google Conditions of Service and create a PIN a second time.
  • You could create biometric verification if you want.
  • You may use Google Assistant if you like. You can also decide whether or not to utilize Google Pay and whether you require an all-time display. Additionally, you can add additional features like an additional email address.

You will be able to utilize your phone in a matter of minutes but it may take a while to allow all your apps and information to be installed and downloaded.

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